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Trade on over 1,000 top-class assets including forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. TradeCFD24 is a high-tech trading platform delivers state-of-the-art CFDs trading under a single wallet. Connect to the global financial markets via a streamlined dashboard display that puts over 1,000 top assets at your fingertips.

Order Execution

Move together with market fluctuations until your desired rate is reached.

Price alerts

To make sure you automatically enter the perfect positions.

Multiple view

professional graphs with customizable timeline options.

One-Click Trading

Instantly set your positions in motion with just one tap of a button.

Risk management

Tools designed to lock in profits and minimizing losses.

The TradeCFD24 platform is the product of years of technological experience and investment expertise in the field of online trading. It combines simplicity and a user-friendly format with all the advanced tools and features that guarantee a professional investment experience:


– Real-time trading with asset prices updated on a second-by-second basis

– Make secure investments with no downloads required

– Mobile trading Apps for iOS and Android

– Live charts, data feeds and trading alerts

– Open trades in just seconds with full risk management

– Follow the progress of open positions and manage your trades

– Check your account balance and transfer funds in and out of your trading account

– Access your trading history and analyses your personal performance

– It takes new investors just minutes to master the basics of the TradeCFD24 trading platform.