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Our partnership with cutting-edge technology providers is meant to create a custom designed trading platform that meets the needs of the modern investor. Experience professional level investing with the world’s most popular and effective forex and CFDs trading platform.


TradeCFD24 Desktop Platform gives you the latest trading tools and a high level of flexibility, risk management and control over your investments. It also allows you to perform fast and accurate analysis of your own trading history and develop advanced trading strategies.

Fixed low-cost spreads

Up to 1:400 leverage

One-click trading

Interactive charts

30 indicators for technical analysis

Securely encrypted data

Smart Technology

TradeCFD24 Desktop Platform is available via a rapid download and can be quickly installed for desktop or mobile trading. TradeCFD24 Desktop Platform is designed to offer flexibility, convenience and simplicity and meet all the challenges – and opportunities – of the modern markets.

Tools and Risk Management

You have a full choice of risk management tools including stop loss, take profit and order entry, as well as embedded tick charts, alerts and signals. TradeCFD24 Desktop Platform also allows one-click order execution and keeps you connected to the markets with real time data feeds.

Professional Trading

TradeCFD24 Desktop Platform allows you to easily manage multiple open positions and switch instantly between assets and markets. You can follow the progress of your open trades, conduct detailed technical analysis using live charts and data, and implement your personal trading strategies.